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Understanding your investment

Find out about the key features and terms around your investment such as when to expect repayments, how to get your money out early and most importantly, the return you can expect.

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Regular repayments

  • Our investors get either fortnightly or monthly payments, depending on the repayment frequency chosen by the borrower.
  • We offer a range of risk based return options, our interest rates are shown on this page).
  • The available investment terms range from 12 months to 7 years.
  • Borrower repayments are made on a regular basis back into the Investor's Squirrel Money account (held on trust), ready for the Investor to reinvest or withdraw as a regular income.

The power to get your money out early - Secondary Market

We get that sometimes circumstances change. To provide flexibility, Squirrel has a Secondary Market which gives Investors the opportunity to seek to sell an investment at any time. The Secondary Market attempts to match an investment made available for sale with an Investor who is happy to take on your existing investment terms. Please note that the Secondary Market relies on other willing Investors taking up the loans put up for sale. If no willing Investors are available, the original Investor may not be able to transfer their interests in a loan and may be required to remain invested in that loan for its full term. 

For more information on the rules that apply when selling an investment, read our Secondary Market Policy. For details about the fees associated with selling an investment via the Secondary Market, please review the Fees section of our website. 

Manage your investment anywhere, anytime

Once you're set up as a Squirrel Investor, you can manage everything online. You can do this through our website or on our snazzy mobile app. 

Download now from either the App Store or Google Play. 

Of course you can also ring us for support during normal business hours on 0800 21 22 33.

Investor app

For more information about investing with Squirrel, download our Investor Booklet. 

What sort of return can you expect with Squirrel?

Each type of Investment offers a return that's relative to the type of lending that's being undertaken. You can find the interest rates on offer on this page.

It's important that you understand the repayment profile of each Investment Class, as that dictates how much money is returned to you in the regular repayment cycle. We have information and graphs to demonstrate this in section three of our handy Investor Booklet.

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Investment Class risk grades scale

Understanding the risks

We hate to break it to you, but no investment is free from risk. It's also important to remember that in the context of investments, risk is usually referring to the odds of not receiving all of the returns you expected rather than actually losing something.

How risk impacts returns

Put simply, the more risk you take on, the higher the potential returns you receive. Conversely, the less risk that's involved, the lower the potential returns are. With that in mind, you can see on this scale how each of our Investment Classes stack up.

So what are the risks? We believe in transparency so read all about the potential risks here.

Want more information? Download our handy Investor Booklet