Why choose Squirrel?

Because there's more to life than a mortgage. We work for you, not the bank, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible deal and in the easiest way possible. So you can get on with the fun stuff, like planning your first BBQ. 

What we do as mortgage advisers

We work for you in arranging the best loan approval with the banks. The best loan approval could be the one with the fewest conditions, or the best rates, or a combination of both. But we always work for you as the client, not for the bank, so we’re always working in your best interests. 

Cheers with bottles of beer

While one of our main roles is arranging your home loan approval we go a whole lot further:

  • We share our insights on the property market, helping you make the best house buying decisions.
  • We’ll talk to you about the different types of properties, and before you attend an auction/make an offer we’ll help you decide on the highest price you’ll want to pay.
  • We’ll make sure the property you want to buy will be accepted by the bank as security (lots of properties have issues which can affect whether the bank will lend on them).
  • We’ll run you through the different bank home loan product options and make a recommendation on how you should structure your loan so that it suits your future plans of house ownership.

We can even sort out your life insurance for you as well.

What makes Squirrel different?

  • Our advisers are on salaries – Squirrel works differently to most mortgage broker companies and rather than paying our advisers commissions they get paid salaries, which means they aren’t going to submit your application to the bank that pays the highest commission.
  • We know the banks’ credit policies, so can target your loan application to the bank that will approve the loan with the fewest conditions or the best terms.
  • We know what the best rates available in the market are – your bank may offer you what seems like a great rate discount, but is it really the best rate in the market?
  • Our advisers stick around – the bank manager you speak to today is often not the same person in a year’s time so getting consistent levels of service isn’t easy.
  • Our longest servicing adviser has been with us for 7 years so odds are when you contact us to review your loan you’ll get to deal with the same person.
  • How to structure your home loan and choosing between fixed and floating rates isn’t easy – we’ll help you understand your options and recommend a loan structure that suits your lifestyle.
JB - Chief Squirrel