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Making your money work harder with recurring investment orders

Financial planning Written by Squirrel, Jul 28 2020

One of the common things we’ve heard from our Investors is that they want to keep their money working as hard as possible at all times. One of the features we offer that helps with this is ‘Recurring Investment Orders’.

This means you can specify an amount that you’d like to keep investing, and we’ll automatically match it as soon as that amount has built up in your Squirrel call account. Essentially, it’s a ‘set and forget’ feature.

How do Investors use the recurring option?

We frequently see our investors placing recurring investment orders for the minimum order value of $500. So as soon as this amount of money has built up in their Squirrel Call account, an order is automatically created for them in their selected investment class (and term for personal loans). The order will match when loans are available, and they get to the front of the investment queue like normal. 

Using Recurring Investment Orders will keep your money working hard without you having to do a thing. You’ll get notifications each time an investment is made, so you can stay up to date with your portfolio.

Setting up a recurring investment order is easy

When you create an investment order, you have the option to designate the investment order as either One-off or Recurring.

Click recurring, press go, and you’re done!

Screenshot of an investment order on Squirrel's P2P platform


Once you have a recurring investment order in place, the Platform will check your on-call account each morning. If the available funds meet or exceed the value on your recurring investment order, it will create as many orders as it takes to consume those funds up, until the amount left is less than your chosen investing amount.

Here's an example

If you have a recurring investment order in place with a value of $500 and you have $1,200 in your on-call account, first thing in the morning the Platform will create two investment orders for $500 and you will be left with $200 in your on-call account.

Things to note:

  • The minimum investment order value of $500 still applies when you create a recurring investment order.
  • Once an investment order is created from your recurring investment order instruction, the new investment order behaves just like a manually created investment order and you can cancel it at any time.
  • You can only have one investment order designated as recurring at any given time. If you create a new recurring investment order, it will simply supersede any recurring investment order that you previously had in place.
  • We can't provide advice on how you should structure your investments, and recommend seeking advice from a Financial Adviser if you're unsure.

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