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Housing Market Written by Squirrel , Mar 29 2016

As the property market keeps on rolling, Squirrel seems to have more and more people coming in for mortgage advice all the time. When you consider the affordability and supply pressures that a lot of people face in and around Auckland, it's not surprising that people want to learn more about their home loan really.

But as our business grows, it's important that we are still able to deliver the same high quality service to everyone who needs it. That's why we have started up a dedicated client services team. Mortgage adviser Shane Mishra is helping to head it up, and has all the information you need about what the team is doing.

Keeping up the service

"It's important that we can deliver the same quality service to everyone," Shane says. "But we're growing so quickly that our dedicated adviser team have a lot more people to deal with," 

"The client services team acts as the first port of call for anyone who contacts Squirrel - whether it's over phone, or email, or directly through the website."

From there, Shane and his team speak to clients, assessing what they need and providing valuable advice - after all, he did spend 2.5 years as a mortgage adviser before heading up client services. With specialists for re-fixing home loan rates, selecting the right mortgage, advising on investment property and providing ongoing support for existing customers, they can handle any request you might have.

"Nine times out of ten, when someone gets in touch it's about a mortgage. We help them work out what they need and get them on the path to an application or finding the right help."

One thing that sets the Squirrel client services team ahead of the pack is the wealth of experience they have, Shane says.

An experienced edge

"A lot of other client services teams are made up of junior roles, and they can't fully help the customer - they have to pass it on to someone else. And nobody likes being passed around like a hot potato."

With four experienced professionals on the team, including two mortgage advisers, it makes the first stop on the journey with Squirrel an incredibly informative one. You can get advice on home loan interest rates, what kind of mortgage will help you out, as well as ongoing support after you've bought a home.

Both new and existing clients get everything they need.

Starting strong

In the month or so that the client services team has been operating, Shane says reception has been overwhelmingly positive. 

"We're getting a lot of good feedback from online inquiries in particular - people can drop us an email and they get a call back in a very short space of time.

"Time and resources always get constrained as a business grows, but we've eliminated that with this team. People will still get fast service from home loan professionals."

It's a step that makes getting mortgage advice that little bit easier for you. Get in touch to see what our client services team can do for you, whether you're looking at a first home loan or advice for the next step on the property ladder .

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