Should you stage your home for sale?

Lifestyle and Technology Written by Squirrel , Nov 8 2016

Staging: It's something of a divisive subject in the property world. Namely, should you do it, and if you do, how much? Let's take a closer look at these questions, and see what the experts think will get the best result for your home.

The case for staging

For those who are new to this subject, staging is the process through which you set up a home for sale in a way that appeals to buyers. Simply put, you are setting the stage - the stage being your property. This could be anything from a simple tidy up all the way through to buying specifically scented candles in order to create a feel of homeliness.

Yes, that second one might appear a bit extreme, but it's still a valid tactic for some. Further, as a strategy, it appears to work. According to one study from the National Association of Realtors (NRA) in the United States, more than four in five homebuyers thought it was easier to visualise the property as their future home after it had been staged. That could certainly be a factor in helping the sales process along.

The case against staging

However, there are others who think staging is entirely artificial and isn't worth doing - or at least, not to the extent that some people go to. Nobody is going to tell you not to tidy up before an open home, but there is an argument to be made against those who go to the extreme of home staging.

Firstly, buying additional props can be an expensive process. Secondly, savvy homebuyers are going to be on the lookout for something wrong - if you are staging too much, you might find they are suspicious of what you are trying to hide. Thirdly, if you aren't a pro, you might actually end up making things more cluttered than they should be.

So, should you stage your home? It can clearly help your property sale, but too much of it could actually hurt your chances - or make your property memorable for the wrong reasons. Ultimately, it's all about who you want to appeal to, and sometimes getting the upper hand on the selling competition is just about making sure your home is looking it's best. No scented candles required.

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