3 easy Labour Weekend home improvement painting projects

Lifestyle Written by Squirrel , Oct 21 2010

Want to use your extra day off this Labour Weekend to spruce up your home? Here are three easy DIY projects you can do over the long weekend - and you won't need to remortgage the house to do them!

1) Make your own blackboard

If you've been eyeing up those enormous wall-length blackboards that grace the kinds of cafes that sell smashed avocado on toast, there's good news: They aren't all that difficult to do yourself. Rather than having to source various lengths and sizes of blackboard, you can instead utilise special blackboard paint that does the job just as well. Let your artistic side loose, advertise tonight's dinner or just leave notes for your loved ones: A great addition to any kitchen.

2) Make a statement with a quick, bold paint job

Speaking of paints, you don't need to rush to the blackboard paint in order to make a statement in your home; and it doesn't have to spend ages with brush in hand either. Rather than trying to paint a whole wall over the weekend, you can instead follow Apartment Therapy's advice and highlight a particular feature instead.

A bright yellow window trim in an otherwise neutral-toned room can bring warmth and spring colours to your home. The same can be said for wooden kitchen chairs, or even your front door. Plus you don't have to put down quite as much plastic to protect your precious carpets.

3) Stand out with a colourful mailbox

Planning on hosting a BBQ this weekend? Make life easier on your guests by making your house stand out with a colourful mailbox. If you're feeling a little eccentric, go for a bright, bold primary blue, red or yellow. But if you're planning on selling your home soon, it might be wiser to stick to something memorable, but with more mass-appeal. Pastel colours are in this year (Resene picked out two for their colours of the year) - understated, but still unusual enough to make your house stand out on the street.

Labour Weekend is a great chance to catch up with your friends, family and update your home decor. We hope you have a fantastic three days off. When you're back in work mode, why not get in touch with us to update your mortgage too? A lick of paint can make all the difference to your home; the right mortgage advice could do exactly the same for your finances.

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