5 interior design trends for the autumn

Lifestyle Written by Squirrel , Mar 29 2016

If you recently bought your first home or perhaps moved into a new residence, you're probably in the throes of setting the place up and working out exactly what kind of design features you'll focus on. Is the kitchen and dining area going to be the focal point of the home, or do you want a central living area?

What kind of curtains are going to go where? And what about the couches? We know these are the sorts of questions that can keep you up at night, so we've put together a few interior design trends along the way that can help you prepare for the autumn months.

1) Big focal points

With the latest QV value data showing that Auckland property values dropped slightly, people who already have pre-approval might find a little bit of financial wiggle room when they buy. Perhaps that could go to a new centrepiece for common areas?

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Miles Redd predicted the 'minimalist with a twist' trend in 2016. This is where people work from a minimalist base, but still indulge in a particular piece of art or furniture that is at odds with the rest, and makes for a fantastic feature. 

2) Mixed messages with the tone

Fixing for a kitchen renovation? It can be good for investment properties, with one Westpac article suggesting the returns can be $1.50 for every dollar you spend. If you do undertake this, consider two-tone cabinets for an eye-catching finish.

Mitchell Parker, one of the editorial staff at Houzz, certainly thinks it's going to be one to watch this year. He urges people to use neutral colours with head-height cabinets, then play around with various types of wood when it comes to the storage areas below the countertop. 


4) Rounding it out

Wesley Moon is a New York designer who told the Wall Street Journal that the iPhone is responsible for his interior design predictions. How? Because of its curves. By adding smoother edges to a traditionally angular rectangle design, he thinks a whole series of furniture has been inspired.

In the same article, Timothy Lorrigan agreed: "Who doesn't want to rub their hands along a smooth, rounded piece of marble? Touch is essential to design."

So perhaps you will be looking at rounded pieces of furniture, be they chairs or tables, when decking out your first home. 

5) Bucking the trends

Of course, there is a problem with following trends - they come and go. By jumping on the bandwagon for one style of interior design, you may find your property is out of favour when the time comes to sell. This can be a bit of a problem if you're investing in New Zealand real estate, which is why careful thought needs to go into the design. 

Buying your home to live in yourself? Then you should redesign to your hearts content! But if you've taken on mortgage advice and planned an investment strategy, your own tastes might not be the same as people looking to rent or buy it down the line. Try and maintain an objective eye. 

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