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Adviser insight: Living in a Boys World

Lifestyle Written by Squirrel, Feb 21 2018

Emma, one of our mortgage advisers, lives life constantly outnumbered by males. She sat down to share her experiences and tips for M2Woman Magazine:

I’m no stranger to being surrounded by a testosterone overload. And it can be great but it also comes with its challenges! Rest assured if you’re in a similar position you’re not alone, and there are little things you can do to survive.

I’m in a unique position of not only being outnumbered in the office, but also at home. Cohabiting with three boys (well, that’s two little ones and one grown up one), which really takes it to another level. Luckily I’ve been prepped well with brothers while growing up and working in male-dominated offices including the one I’m in now, as a mortgage adviser for Squirrel.

Emma Wallace, Squirrel Mortgage Adviser living in a boys world

But sometimes you just need a girly fix and to be surrounded by pink glitter, fairy wings and to not be rushing around after muddy boys! So how do I cope?

I consider myself very fortunate because although I am mostly outnumbered, I have a twin sister who as it happens has two little girls of her own. Her husband feels the way I do when it comes to him in his household so it’s a win-win when we all get together. He gets a bit of rough-and-tumble with the boys, and I get my girly fix from going to my nieces’ dance rehearsals, and popping over to their place for tea parties, dolls, glitter and pink walls.

I’ve also recently switched from box-fit classes to yoga. Now I used to be a bit of a skeptic, but I tell you what – it’s a fantastic way to switch off and temporarily escape. It’s also something you can do with a couple of girlfriends to wind down in the midst of a busy week. I’m a pretty wired person with a mind that races around at top speed so for me yoga has been an amazing discovery - it’s the only time I don’t look at a clock or think about what to make the boys for dinner.

And lastly, having a partner that is equally as involved with home life is so important. My husband and I are that couple with the calendar at home that has each day’s schedules written out. Yes, it sounds a little sad, but it’s essential to running things smoothly. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, I say!

Other than that, all I can say is embrace the testosterone, do what you can to get girl time and when it all gets too much, a cheeky wine with girlfriends is always good therapy!

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