Smart alternatives to glass balustrades

Lifestyle Written by Squirrel , Jun 15 2016

They've been banned in Australia for ten years, and it looks like the hammer is finally coming down on glass balustrades in New Zealand as well. The Auckland Council is pushing for this popular feature to be axed, saying that current building codes for them are not enough to assure the safety of users.

That means the balcony of your apartment or the pool fence in your house could be in need of some serious changes in order to remain compliant. However, there's no need to give up those open views entirely: here are just a few alternatives to a pure glass balustrade.

Cap it off

This suggestion comes straight from the Auckland Council themselves. Installing a connecting aluminium, timber or other tough cap or bar along the top of your balustrade could be enough to make it compliant again, securing the majority of your open view and reducing the shatter risk.

You can also get a really gorgeous aesthetic out of a capped balustrade too. A timber bar, for example, can bring a touch of the rustic to an otherwise cool modern interior. If you want to make a point of difference while selling an investment property, this could be a blessing in disguise!

Raise it up

This is less to do with the balustrade itself and more to do with the effect that you want. When you invest thousands of dollars in a backyard pool, do you really want it to be blocked off by a wooden fence? Of course not, that's why you got the glass balustrade in the first place. However, if you are after this kind of look, you may be considering the wrong solution. Rather than adjusting your fencing, you could instead raise up your pool.

The retaining walls of the pool fulfil the stringent fencing requirements, so long as it is at the right height, and you get to adhere to the tenets of broken plan living. What's not to love?

Slat of hand

If raising the pool seems like too large a step, you could always remove the glass entirely - it's not the only way to create unobstructed views, after all.

A particularly chic method is to replace the solid glass with wide-spaced slats of wood instead, horizontal or vertical. Appropriate indoors and outdoors with the right choice of timber, this keeps the natural light without the worries of shatter. For something more minimalist, you could also try aluminium or another clean metal.

There are plenty of alternatives to the glass balustrade - you might even find you prefer the new style over the old! Reckon these upgrades will cost a pretty penny? Access the equity in your home now with the right mortgage refinancing; you can get all the advice you need from us here at Squirrel!

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