Blurred city lights


Trade Finance: how you can improve your cash flow

The world has come a long way since the days of the cheque book; we can move cash in an in...

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Commercial buildings

What's happening with commercial lending?

Squirrel is often talking about tight credit conditions in terms of residential property, ...

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JB presenting on the economy and technology

The technology effect

A few weeks ago JB presented at a property investment workshop on the housing market, the ...

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Is Auckland good value?

Is Auckland good value?

We ran a seminar recently where we were lucky enough to hear from the design champion for ...

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Ron Burgundy - breaking news about the OCR

BREAKING NEWS – The OCR didn’t change

In typical tabloid fashion, the media desperately try to make news out of anything that dr...

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Man keeping calm, not in panic


The media loves a sensational headline. And in true form it's gone to town on the recent m...

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Banks disrupted

How banks will be disrupted

For all the talk of new threats, banks still dominate our world. My view is that this is a...

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Looking down at Auckland central

What to make of a softening Auckland housing market

January housing statistics were bleak, and Barfoot & Thompson’s results from February are ...

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Graphs and keyboard on a desk

Banking on margins

The reality is that the industry is looking to mortgage margins to restore profitability f...

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Wallet being tightened by clamp

Tighter credit policy will drive the housing market in 2017

I am always frustrated by our media and how they report house prices. Tabloid rubbish boun...

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Long stretch of road

Inflation or deflation – the road ahead

Waiting for inflation is feeling increasingly like the quest for the Holy Grail, or as I a...

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Paper clips, calculator, JB video

An economic download: everything you need to know right now

Brexit. Trump. John Key resigning. The last few months have included some interesting surp...

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Auckland residential suburb

Will the RBNZ inadvertently create a Minsky moment?

Commentators continue to talk up the property market and increasing prices almost at the c...

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Piles of coins, JB video

What does the OCR change mean for you?

Here are JB's initial thoughts on this change and what that might mean for you....

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Banker working out rates

What to do before the OCR drops

With the OCR widely tipped to drop by 0.25% on the 11th of August - following the latest r...

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Brexit UK/Europe flags, JB video

Bigger than BREXIT

The Global Financial Crisis in 2008 was centred on the world having too much debt and yet ...

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Kid eating a doughtnut

Will consumerism kill the goose? | The global debt crisis

So much stimulus, and yet no growth and negligible inflation. Lowering interest rates to e...

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Banker working out the cash rate

Crash course: What's the cash rate?

When he had a look at the RBNZ OCR decision, Westpac Chief Economist Dominick Stephens had...

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Devonport, Auckland's North Shore

Auckland property and mortgage update

Mortgage interest rates are set to stay low for the foreseeable future but I think they ar...

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Why Europe is driving down fixed mortgage rates

TSB grabbed headlines in February when it came out with a 10 year fixed rate of 5.89%....

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Arrows on side of road pointing both ways

Big economic trends you need to be aware of in 2015

With incredibly loose monetary policy implemented around the world we are going through un...

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