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First home buyers

Goals – A new home in 2018

Are you eyeing up a new home this year? Here’s what’s on the cards for 2018....

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Houses - LVR rules change

Good news: lending rules are loosening

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced this morning that they’re loosening their le...

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How does finance work for a house-build?

Buying a house before it’s built has a slightly different process to when you physically e...

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Vlog - how to get approved

How to get approved for a mortgage in this market

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder and harder to get approved for a mortgage. Here ar...

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Vlog featuring Jack the dog

The most common mistakes first home buyers make

We see the same mistakes come up over and over again with first home buyers, so here they ...

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Getting ready - close up of putting boots on

Getting “bank ready” in a tough market

It’s not all bad news… you can get loan approvals, and you can find property within your p...

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Pink piggy bank

Budgeting your first home

It’s tough being a first home buyer. But with a bit of foresight and forward planning, we’...

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Should young home buyers be looking to the regions?

For many of us, living in Auckland can be challenging. Sure, there's plenty to enjoy about...

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House interior, kitchen, living room

Housing developments bring first homes closer to reality

First-home buyers across the country will be feeling a sense of relief as recent mortgage ...

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Common financial challenges faced by first-home buyers?

Buying a home is an important milestone in the lives of many people, across New Zealand an...

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Front exterior of house

Trying to save up for your first home? We can help

If you've been dreaming of buying a house for the first time, you're absolutely not alone....

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Young couple, first home buyers

Is your first home in your stocking this Christmas?

First-home buyers could be scouring Auckland for an affordable place to call their own - a...

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Auckland Harbour bridge

First home buyers shouldn't be put off by Auckland market

Are you a first-home buyer in Auckland looking for property, but don't know where to start...

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Is the tide turning for first home buyers in Auckland?

According to's report for September, first home buyers in Auckland are star...

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Young guy weighing up options, JB video

How much can I afford to borrow?

It's one of the first questions that anyone looking for a home loan needs to ask themselve...

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Waterfall through regional New Zealand

Advisor insight: Regional New Zealand needs more business

Everybody talks about the housing situation in Auckland as if it is the only one in the co...

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Construction worker on site

Is Auckland entering a construction boom?

With the new Auckland Unitary Plan now officially passed, people predict that the City of ...

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Woman shopping in local grocery store

How much do local shops really matter?

The effect of local amenities on the value of a home is largely the reason why "location, ...

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Wooden toy house, piles of coins

Changes to KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme

From 1 August 2016 there are a number of changes to the KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme aimed a...

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House construction site

Advisor insight: Hunting the hotspots

Where will the next big growth suburb be? This kind of knowledge is the Holy Grail for the...

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House keys

Is the amount I'm borrowing manageable?

With interest rates now being as low as they have been in years, there are a huge number o...

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