Woman holding up a sparkler

First home buyers

What on earth is a rentvestor?

Using your first home as an investment is actually an increasing trend, and there's been a...

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Bird ornament reading up on law

Are there going to be changes to financial advice laws?

We're happy to admit it: financial advice can be pretty confusing....

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House equals money blackboard

3 tips for making the most of your equity

So you've bought your first home. What next?...

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Guy sitting on haybails

Auckland temporarily a buyer’s market

We tend to get a feel for what is happening in the market well before the media and have b...

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Fitness goals, measuring stomach with tape

Time to set some goals?

If you’ve been ignoring money for too long then this year might be the opportunity to get ...

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Tiny wooden house in a forest

Keep an open mind when searching for property

The property searching process has often been likened to a filter funnel. In some ways no ...

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Dog bodysurfing wave

Riding the waves of the property market

The property market is well recognised as having distinct cycles. However, I think there i...

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Rent or buy, arrows pointing opposite directions

Rent or buy? A perplexing question

If you were to judge this question purely based on what you read in the media then the ans...

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