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Housing Market

Squirrel now provide Deposit Bonds

As of 1st May, Squirrel is now working with Deposit Power to offer deposit guarantee bonds...

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Calculator, piles of coins

How much could you save?

Whilst you don’t want to be paying more than you can afford, increasing your mortgage paym...

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Rugged dwelling for rent

Auckland - Here we go again

It looks like the Auckland property market is going to build up another head of steam in 2...

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Upside down house

What’s the best approach to selling your home?

At some stage of your life you will be confronted with the reality that in order to buy th...

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Confused fruit talking to each other

Don’t get confused by rateable valuations

The newspapers are full of commentary regarding the mass rating reassessment being carried...

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Clock sitting on desk

Is now a good time to buy?

The short answer is yes. However as ever something as significant and life-changing should...

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Family home living room

The buying choice - existing family home or do-up?

As a buyer you have to ask yourself to what extent your head rules your heart or whether y...

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Auckland city waterfront

Are Auckland property prices in for a shock?

From what I see, the market is softening quickly. Listings are up, auction clearance rates...

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