Cardboard cut out house held up to sky

Housing Market

Finance lending | Asset rich but cash poor

This ‘Ask an Expert’ column ran in the NZ Herald last week. It was in response to a questi...

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Piggy bank on table

Two simple ways to take 10 years off your mortgage

When you first eyeball your mortgage it can seem scary. You’re borrowing a hell of a lot o...

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Key in lock at open home

Implications of the new Real Estate Agents Act

The new Real Estate Agents Act came into force in late 2009. It has been introduced to lif...

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Open house sign outside house

Is 2010 a good time to buy property?

If buying a property is one of your goals in 2010 then an obvious first step is to get a m...

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Couple walking hand in hand with their little girl

Starting a family and your mortgage

If you are starting a family or have a young family then the mortgage is quite probably yo...

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Man standing along on a hilside next to a house

Removing the Ex from the Mortgage

Relationship splits make up a surprisingly large part of what we do....

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House for sale

How to sell and buy in the same market

Do you sell first and then buy or the other way around?...

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Pile of coins spilling out of a glass container

Paying the deposit on your purchase

Have you bought a property but you don’t have the deposit available?...

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