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BREAKING NEWS – The OCR didn’t change

In typical tabloid fashion the media desperately try to make news out of anything that dri...

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Young business owner smiling

Are you paying too much ACC?

As a business owner, you'll be familiar with ACC’s CoverPlus product. Are you also aware o...

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The importance of liquidity in the housing market

The importance of liquidity in the housing market

Property isn’t as liquid as you might think. Just try selling an investment apartment in t...

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Bitcoin and blockchain

Guest post: The basics of Bitcoin & blockchain

Bitcoin has been in and out of the headlines recently, almost as much as it’s been going u...

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Brown St makeover

Extreme makeover: villa edition

Feast your eyes on this transformation of an old Ponsonby villa. Owned by an expert archit...

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Balance - woman's hands holding coffee and phone

Adviser insight: how to survive the balance

Balancing work, life, two tiny children and trading property isn't easy. But if I can do i...

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Card counting

Adviser insight: the secret life of a card counter

Last time I promised to dish the details on my experience as an international card counter...

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Living in a boys world

Adviser insight: Living in a Boys World

I'm in a unique position of not only being outnumbered in the office, but also at home. If...

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Much ado about paint

In the third instalment of first home buyers Alisha & Dom's journey, they're pulling out t...

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Man keeping calm, not in panic


The media loves a sensational headline. And in true form it's gone to town on the recent m...

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Man spying confidence on the horizon

Is confidence returning to the market?

Confidence fell out of the market last year but appears to be coming back and here's why....

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Preest Journal 2 - renovations

The Preest Journal: let the renovations begin

In part 2 of this mini-series, the Preests pick apart their new home, and decide on how to...

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Why do mortgages get declined?

There could be any number of reasons why a mortgage application might get declined. Here a...

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What happens with your mortgage when you move house?

There are a few different ways your mortgage can work with in your move, as JB explains....

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The Preests' first home

The Preest Journal: buying our first home

In a world of articles about young couples buying their first home 'on their own' but with...

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Housing and mortgage rate forecast for 2018

Here’s my view of the year ahead and my rationale for that forecast. To be honest it’s no ...

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Dreaming of a house

Goals – A new home in 2018

Are you eyeing up a new home this year? Here’s what’s on the cards for 2018....

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entrepreneur's laptop

Ditching the corporate career

It’s the new year, a time for setting goals, re-evaluating and reassessing, so here’s my t...

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skin with sunblock

Have you had a skin check recently?

If you were to get diagnosed with cancer, are you and your family well prepared to deal wi...

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Alan in space

The making of Alan

Creating the first AI bot for first home buyers wasn't easy. There were some serious bloop...

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Journal, cup of coffee

New year, but more of the same?

The new year is almost upon us and with it comes the usual new year’s resolutions which ma...

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