Stormtrooper figurine reaching up to a bulb


What happens with your mortgage when you move house?

There are a few different ways your mortgage can work with in your move, as JB explains....

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entrepreneur's laptop

Ditching the corporate career

It’s the new year, a time for setting goals, re-evaluating and reassessing, so here’s my t...

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Alan in space

The making of Alan

Creating the first AI bot for first home buyers wasn't easy. There were some serious bloop...

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Open door

Why you should use a (good) mortgage broker

Buying a home is a tricky business. There are so many considerations to take into account....

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Navigating mortgages when you're self-employed

We have a lot of experience with customers who are self-employed and want to borrow for bu...

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Checking for Asbestos

The renovation nightmare you can’t see

Asbestos is not a nice character, but is presently lurking invisibly in many New Zealand h...

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laptop - borrowing online

Borrowing without the bank

Consumers typically don’t pay off their credit cards each month. With a $15,000 balance an...

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Squirrel Money investing presentation

Everything there is to know about investing with Squirrel Money

If you’re familiar with the Squirrel brand, then you’ll know about the other side to our b...

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Takapuna Squirrel office

Our Takapuna team is on the move

As of the end of this month, our Takapuna team will be moving to the city. Don’t worry, yo...

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Inflation is dead

Technology is starting to progress faster than our ability to grasp its impact on our worl...

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Selection of lollies

Squirrel welcomes more bank options and 100% build finance

Squirrel has access to more lenders than any other broker and the only 100% build finance ...

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Highway, driverless cars future

Driving Change: How the move toward driverless cars will affect the property market

Driverless cars were once the stuff of science fiction, but they’re now not only very real...

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Anxious monkeys

Financial anxiety in 2017

We’ve recently run a small Facebook survey on what’s causing kiwis financial anxiety in 20...

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Yellow field landscape, converse shoes in foreground

Making sense of the mortgage landscape

There’s no doubt about it – the mortgage landscape has changed. Credit markets are tighten...

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Older person sitting on a bench looking out over the landscape

Take control of your retirement age

There are two significant decisions that you can make right now which will change the qual...

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Person holding up sign with graphs and mindmaps

The innovation age

As we’ve noted for some time there are some big forces in play that are increasingly chang...

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Orange Volkswagen

The cost of car ownership

When I lived in London I never owned a car. And when I worked in Sydney and Melbourne I si...

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Person holding a newspaper

The Geo-political zoo of 2017

The global economy is still in a muddle. So it’s difficult to get a clear gauge on what wi...

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2017 written with sparklers

January 2017 overview: Themes worth thinking about

It’s that time of the year. Media commentators are lining up to provide a “guess” (aka for...

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Drawn graph showing rates going up

Mortgage rate forecast for 2017

Banks are blaming higher mortgage rates on higher funding costs even with the OCR at histo...

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Auckland city and an image of JB and a video play button

Keeping up with Auckland: Will prices continue to soften?

In the ever changing Auckland housing market, the latest evidence is showing that the mark...

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