Stormtrooper figurine reaching up to a bulb


What you want to know…

Squirrel ran a seminar recently called Managing Risk in an Uncertain Market, where JB and ...

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Hand holding fanned out playing cards

What's the plan?

Generally speaking, it’s fair to say that this round of reserve bank rule changes will hav...

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Girl holding up Squirrel Kids money box

The value of teaching kids the value of money

What started out as a chance to give back to the community I grew up in, turned into one o...

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Looking at the Auckland city scape over the harbour

Why Auckland house prices aren’t 3 times income

Whilst I fully agree that house prices are over-inflated, I don’t think it’s to the extent...

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Squirrel kids money box and work book

Insight: The curriculum needs better financial education

There seems to be one glaring hole in what we teach our kids: financial skills and respons...

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Futuristic sphere with blue lights

We're in an epoch Jim but nobody knows it!

The age of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing is bearing down on us and damn ...

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Question mark written in chalk on a black board

4 predictions for NZ property in 2016

How are your foresight skills? While none of us have time travelled from the future and kn...

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Sun setting over the ocean

View from the regions – desperate times

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Auckland’s property market has been on a strong price g...

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