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UK Pension Transfers | What's changing

If you worked in the UK you probably accumulated one or more pension funds that are now st...

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Mortgage rates set to break psychological barrier

This article contains time sensitive advice about what you need to think about in the next...

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Starting your own business - our Squirrel story

Retail is tough. For every success, there are hundreds of retailers who live precariously ...

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Thinking ahead in the Auckland property market

Auckland is a vast and fast growing city; it is fair to say it is a city with sufficient s...

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RBNZ LVR Limits | Market implications

The RBNZ has introduced a number of prudential tools designed to take the heat out of the ...

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Mortgage rate forecast - Why they will stay low

Whilst economists and most commentators are talking up rates I’m going to provide a differ...

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How to deflate a property bubble

No government has lost an election because house prices increased. This goes to the heart ...

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What's up with mortgage rates

Let's start with wholesale interest rates, technically referred to as swap rates. Swap rat...

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