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Will there be a 'Market Correction' in 2015?

It is a scary question and one for which I don't have a reliable answer. There will be a m...

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Looking over the harbour towards Auckland city

Will house prices increase in 2015?

In the Auckland region we have a shortage of properties for sale, high immigration, and mo...

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Price wars

New Zealand banks are amongst the most profitable in the world. Yet, the banking environme...

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What's up with Auckland land prices?

I witnessed a transaction recently that sums up the Auckland property market....

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Moving box

The turmoil of moving house

The process of moving house is fraught with challenges, problems and emotional turmoil....

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Thanks spelt out with Scrabble letters

Thanks a Billion

This week Squirrel hit $1 billion of home loans in the 6 years since we started....

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UK Pension Transfers | What's changing

If you worked in the UK you probably accumulated one or more pension funds that are now st...

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Mortgage rates set to break psychological barrier

This article contains time sensitive advice about what you need to think about in the next...

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