Looking up at apartment building

Property Investing

Christchurch – a new lease on life

So often I talk about investment from an Auckland perspective because that’s where I’m bas...

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Door - opportunity knocking

Opportunity is knocking

Where we are seeing a significant drop (of between 10%-20%) is in the new build market and...

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Man spying confidence on the horizon

Is confidence returning to the market?

Confidence fell out of the market last year but appears to be coming back and here's why....

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Journal, cup of coffee

New year, but more of the same?

The new year is almost upon us and with it comes the usual new year’s resolutions which ma...

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Which one?

I'm building up my portfolio; should I pay my mortgage off?

The answer to that question will come out of what you’re planning to achieve in the long r...

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Return to the status quo?

With the election almost over, warmer weather and spring home loan campaigns in full swing...

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Changes for property investors

The changes keep coming

Without a doubt, these are some of the hardest lending conditions we’ve faced in a long ti...

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Newspaper and cup of coffee on wooden table

It’s not all bad news

If you’re an investor you should know the reserve bank rules inside and out by now. Your a...

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Bottles of beer in a fridge

Don't get caught with a hangover

It’s midnight on a Saturday night and you’re out on the town. It’s been a great night so f...

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Lightbulb sitting on blackboard

Knowledge is power

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, getting bank funding at the moment is harder t...

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Man playing chess, close-up

What’s your next move?

It’s been a few years since I’ve spent my nights in the houses of clients who are genuinel...

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Aerial view of London

A view from abroad

On a recent trip to London, I took some time to look at property and speak with locals to ...

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Pens, paper on a table with coffee

How to lift yield on your rental property

With the Reserve Bank LVR changes (and generally below par rental yields) now is the time ...

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Houses on coins ratio

Debt to income ratios

There has been talk this week about debt-to-income ratios due to the Reserve Bank asking t...

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Question mark, JB video

3 serious implications of new LVR restrictions for investors

New LVR restrictions from the Reserve Bank are significantly changing the borrowing landsc...

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Construction worker silhouette

Buyers of newly-built homes get LVR breathing room

The new loan-to-value (LVR) ratio restrictions have officially come into effect as of 1 Se...

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Piece of the pie

Time for some joint ventures

With the prices continually on the rise and banks tightening lending criteria, joint ventu...

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For rent sign

What you need to know about the new tenancy laws

There have been concerns that some New Zealand homes aren't quite up to scratch when it co...

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Man drawing arrow pointing up

How much housing supply does Auckland have left?

If there's one thing that has dominated the headlines lately, it's the Auckland house situ...

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House and coins on scales

Adviser insight: It's not all about rate

Property investment is quickly becoming one of the most popular means of building wealth a...

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Wooden play block houses

Practical advice for property investing in 2016

It isn’t always easy to release equity when selling property. Leverage combined with lack ...

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