Looking up at apartment building

Property Investing

What does an effective renovation look like?

If you're buying investment property, sometimes renovations can be a great way to get the ...

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Man installing insulation

What's changing for New Zealand landlords?

Being a landlord means taking on a certain set of responsibilities. The NZ government just...

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Live and die by the sword

Getting your investment structure right

I have been approached by a number of existing ‘buy and hold’ investors wanting to change ...

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3 tips for a stress-free renovation

Thinking of going DIY? Renovations are one way that a lot of people add value to their pro...

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Property development, under construction

Property development - when things don’t go to plan

Here I am almost three and a half years into my first decent size property development. Al...

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Closeup of board game, start

Gambling with property


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Hammer, nail, spanner

Property Investor | The downside of leverage

A few clients have rediscovered recently that it isn’t always easy to release equity when ...

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New Zealand currency

Why cash is still king 7 years after the GFC

In a world with easy credit and awash with cash, asset prices have markedly increased. Cap...

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