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19 April 2018

KiwiSaver tip for first home buyers

Chances are, when you signed up for KiwiSaver some 10 years ago (or less) if you were young, then you put it in an aggressive fund and have hopefully reaped the rewards of that.

18 April 2018

Phase 1: Shaking up the borrower offering

We have reworked our strategic positioning for Squirrel Money and we’re happy to announce there are some exciting changes underway in this space!

19 October 2017

How to get debts under control

Out-of-control credit card debt can feel a bit like drowning. Here are three strategies that help people keep their heads above water.

27 March 2017

Ten tips to kick start your career

I don’t like the word ‘career.’ It is so uninspiring. To me it’s not so much kick-starting a career, but how to become the person you want to be. I’ve done a heap of self-development over the years, travelled a lot, written lots of life stories, and here’s some of what I’ve learned.