5 ways to make more money and pimp up your life

Personal loans Written by John Bolton, Mar 27 2017

Ask for a pay rise

Working hard, putting up your hand and taking ownership will put you ahead of 99% of the working population. Own that and then ask for a pay rise. People on the field always get more than the people in the stands.

Also think about things your company can do for you that save you money – like having a good coffee machine or a beer fridge.

Look outside your box

Can you make money on the side? We could go literal on this ‘pimp’ thing, but there’s no money in porn, so I’m told. It has been democratized by the web and tinder. How about blogging or vlogging? Could you set up an online business? Could you and your mates renovate a house?

Think before you spend

We do so much these days without thinking and that includes spending money. Eating out and drinking can unconsciously consume huge amounts of your income. Get present to it and maybe do things a little differently. Can you and your mates batch your own vodka? Do you need more than one car? Use Uber.

Declutter your life

Basically, have less stuff and buy stuff that lasts. We waste so much money on things that aren’t used, or used once, or that break after a year. How much do you have in your closet that you don’t wear anymore? Get rid of it.

Rather than buy a cheap rip-off, save up for the real deal. The less you have, the more you’ll enjoy the quality of the things you do have.

Know your debts

Don’t get lazy with money. If you have debts, make sure you consolidate them into one easy loan on a lower interest rate. You will save a lot in interest plus it’s easier to hold yourself accountable and plan when you have one transparent payment to make. If you have lots of loans, it’s easy to mentally lose focus and stay in debt.

Naturally we can help on this last one. If you have good borrowing history then we’ve got the best rates in town to tidy up your debts and save you money. Squirrel Money is a peer-to-peer lending platform which means we bring together borrowers and lenders so you both get better deals. It’s about leaving kiwis with more in their pockets.


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