Colourful wall of graffiti


Pre 1940's house

Risk with houses built before 1945

We’ve had a couple of interesting client problems this week that we’ve solved for them but...

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Big dog, little dog - is bigger better?

Property investing: Is big better?

Is big better? The way banks respond to larger investors, you’d think probably not....

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Upside down house

My thoughts on property investing in 2011

There is plenty of evidence around us that the Government and businesses like banks are no...

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Piggy bank

Planning your mortgage pays off

What if you could pay off your mortgage in 15 years? It’s easier than you think....

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Woman sitting in cafe

Five ways to make buying a home easier


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Young couple on couch, first home buyers

10 Hot tips for first home buyers

Buying a home isn’t easy at the best of times. There are a lot of crap overpriced houses o...

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Young couple with boxes on heads

Credit crisis | How the housing life cycle is broken

In one of my recent posts I discussed how the Boomer population was the driving force behi...

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Magnifying glass, house

How to invest in property if you are a high income earner

If you are on a big fat salary but don’t have the time to invest in property (but want to ...

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