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Why short-term mortgage rates are best

The Reserve Bank has committed (as much as it can) to holding rates low for the foreseeabl...

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Snake slithering

Investment property snake oil

I'm so excited... Making money is easy! Yeah, right!...

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Is it worth breaking my fixed rate?

The fee is called a “mark-to-market” fee and is hidden in the small print of all bank mort...

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Paperwork, tax

Do you need an LAQC for your rental property?

To determine the answer to this, you need to know the two main differences between owning ...

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Leaky, damp house

What to Make of "Leaky Building" Syndrome

As a first time buyer, you should be very wary of purchasing a monolithic/stucco-clad home...

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Signing paperwork

Buying a property - use a due diligence clause

Buying a house is an exciting and frightening thing. Exciting for all the obvious reasons ...

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Old, run down house

What to look out for when buying older homes

All styles of home suffer with their own set of problems that can lead to expensive repair...

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Woman meditating next to water

Don't panic about rates!

Stop, breathe deeply, think. If you haven't fixed yet ... don't panic....

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