Colourful wall of graffiti


Chinese family outside home

Market insight: What's happening with Chinese investors?

In the last year there's been so much talk about foreign investors, both good and bad, tru...

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Man sitting by water contemplating

What makes a successful investor

Whether you are setting out to buy just one property, or you want to own a bigger portfoli...

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House equals money blackboard

3 tips for making the most of your equity

So you've bought your first home. What next?...

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Tradesman stripping wallpaper

What does an effective renovation look like?

If you're buying investment property, sometimes renovations can be a great way to get the ...

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Man installing insulation

What's changing for New Zealand landlords?

Being a landlord means taking on a certain set of responsibilities. The NZ government just...

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Rates going up

Should I fix now (even if I need to break my fixed mortgage)?

Some bank economists are talking of further rates cuts so there shouldn't be a rush to fix...

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Live and die by the sword

Getting your investment structure right

I have been approached by a number of existing ‘buy and hold’ investors wanting to change ...

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Man floating in the sea at the beach

Is it time to be conservative?

I’ve been saying for some time that we are living in a period of unusually high economic r...

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