Colourful wall of graffiti


Guy sitting on haybails

Auckland temporarily a buyer’s market

We tend to get a feel for what is happening in the market well before the media and have b...

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Property development, under construction

Property development - when things don’t go to plan

Here I am almost three and a half years into my first decent size property development. Al...

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Close up of shoes, walking up stairs

Why I'd fix for 3 years

The Auckland housing market has predictably heated up again this year off the back of stro...

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Closeup of board game, start

Gambling with property


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Calculator, piles of coins

How much could you save?

Whilst you don’t want to be paying more than you can afford, increasing your mortgage paym...

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Fitness goals, measuring stomach with tape

Time to set some goals?

If you’ve been ignoring money for too long then this year might be the opportunity to get ...

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Finger about to burst a floating bubble

Will there be a 'Market Correction' in 2015?

It is a scary question and one for which I don't have a reliable answer. There will be a m...

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Hammer, nail, spanner

Property Investor | The downside of leverage

A few clients have rediscovered recently that it isn’t always easy to release equity when ...

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