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Padlocked door

The pros and cons of using more than one lender

Investors often make the mistake of assuming that individual loans relate to specific prop...

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Structure of cells

Understanding the term structure of interest rates

Would you be better fixing for 1 year at 5.60% or fixing for 2 years at 5.80%? That depend...

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Upside down house

What’s the best approach to selling your home?

At some stage of your life you will be confronted with the reality that in order to buy th...

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Confused fruit talking to each other

Don’t get confused by rateable valuations

The newspapers are full of commentary regarding the mass rating reassessment being carried...

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Tiny wooden house in a forest

Keep an open mind when searching for property

The property searching process has often been likened to a filter funnel. In some ways no ...

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Moving box

The turmoil of moving house

The process of moving house is fraught with challenges, problems and emotional turmoil....

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Dog bodysurfing wave

Riding the waves of the property market

The property market is well recognised as having distinct cycles. However, I think there i...

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Rent or buy, arrows pointing opposite directions

Rent or buy? A perplexing question

If you were to judge this question purely based on what you read in the media then the ans...

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