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Orange Volkswagen

The cost of car ownership

When I lived in London I never owned a car. And when I worked in Sydney and Melbourne I si...

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Young guy weighing up options, JB video

How much can I afford to borrow?

It's one of the first questions that anyone looking for a home loan needs to ask themselve...

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How do I pay my loan off faster?

Here's how you can pay off your loan faster, instead of waiting in fear for the return of ...

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House keys

Is the amount I'm borrowing manageable?

With interest rates now being as low as they have been in years, there are a huge number o...

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Light bulbs

3 tricks to keep your energy bill down

A home loan can be difficult to budget around at the best of times, let alone when the cos...

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House equals money blackboard

3 tips for making the most of your equity

So you've bought your first home. What next?...

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Mortgage Rates | Where to from here?

With wholesale interest rates tracking as low as they are, and ongoing ructions in Europe,...

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Two simple ways to take 10 years off your mortgage

When you first eyeball your mortgage it can seem scary. You’re borrowing a hell of a lot o...

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Mortgage survival on one income

We can’t solve baby brain, but we can help restructure your mortgage finances....

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How to use Equity Release Mortgages to plan your retirement

An equity release mortgage (ERM) is not for everyone but, used properly, it can give signi...

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