Colourful wall of graffiti

Credit criteria

Wallet being clamped

Credit policy continues to tighten

Right now, being a bank customer without using an advisor must be a nightmare....

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Wallet being tightened by clamp

Tighter credit policy will drive the housing market in 2017

I am always frustrated by our media and how they report house prices. Tabloid rubbish boun...

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Auckland residential suburb

Will the RBNZ inadvertently create a Minsky moment?

Commentators continue to talk up the property market and increasing prices almost at the c...

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New years resolution calendar

What's your first home buying resolution?

Going to the gym. Saving an extra $20 every week. We all have different ideas for our reso...

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Guy sitting on haybails

Auckland temporarily a buyer’s market

We tend to get a feel for what is happening in the market well before the media and have b...

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Over 80% options

The Reserve Bank doesn't want you eating the cupcake, so they are putting first homebuyers...

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Road sign - change down

Money and investing - A bigger picture on property

A lot has been happening the past few weeks that has impacts for property and investors. T...

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Big dog, little dog - is bigger better?

Property investing: Is big better?

Is big better? The way banks respond to larger investors, you’d think probably not....

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Colourful toy house

NZ Property | Where to for house prices?

Will property prices fall in New Zealand? Is now a good time to buy? Is property a good in...

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Referee pointing, implementing rules

Tough borrowing rules impact property investors

The rules have changed. Today, income is a major factor in bank lending criteria....

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