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Man looking out window of high building

New Auckland Unitary Plan released to the public

After four years in the making, the new-and-hopefully-improved Auckland Unitary Plan has b...

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Crane and building construction

Are we doing enough to improve housing supply?

Investors and first home buyers alike are feeling the price pressure, as the Real Estate I...

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Builder, project manager

New build vs second hand?

“Second hand” properties are continuing to rise in value and of course the 30% deposits re...

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Crowd with their hands up

How does population growth affect housing?

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition - unless it's in the housing market....

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Time to look up building in the sky

Unitary Plan: The only way is up, right?

Some thoughts on the Unitary Plan: Auckland is a unique city surrounded by so much water a...

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Live and die by the sword

Getting your investment structure right

I have been approached by a number of existing ‘buy and hold’ investors wanting to change ...

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Property development, under construction

Property development - when things don’t go to plan

Here I am almost three and a half years into my first decent size property development. Al...

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Builder on site

House prices and poor productivity

Over the past two and half years I’ve dabbled in property development, and are in the proc...

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Spade stuck in the ground

What's up with Auckland land prices?

I witnessed a transaction recently that sums up the Auckland property market....

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Squirrel lying on a rock

Starting your own business - our Squirrel story

Retail is tough. For every success, there are hundreds of retailers who live precariously ...

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Close up of builder with hammer hanging off belt

New property exempt from RBNZ LVR rules

The Reserve Bank announced today that new builds will be exempt from the recent LVR restri...

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Buying apartments in NZ off plan

With the “property shortage” in Auckland there has been a spike in apartment development a...

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Family home living room

The buying choice - existing family home or do-up?

As a buyer you have to ask yourself to what extent your head rules your heart or whether y...

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Gift wrapped box

Land speculation and "Pass the Parcel"

We've all read or heard that houses are overvalued and that we are not building enough hou...

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House floor plan

What you need to know about buying off plan

Buying off plan requires a small leap of faith. You're buying something sight unseen with ...

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Auckland city

Auckland property prices - Some initial thoughts for 2013

2013 looks like it is shaping up to be another big year for Auckland property. Prices look...

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Property investor, paperwork

Wanna be a developer?

Pre GFC, property developers had mythical rock star type status. The public face of the in...

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Row of houses in a suburb

Scarcity and productivity

It has been mildly interesting having a skim through the productivity commission report an...

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Closeup - spade digging dirt

Lessons on relocatable houses and subdividing land

I've been buying and developing a lot of properties this year either as an investor, or as...

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Google Maps image of Mt Albert

Waterview Connection | Implications for property

The Waterview Connection will start in early 2012 and take 4 years to complete. It is sche...

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