Colourful wall of graffiti


Ron Burgundy - breaking news about the OCR

BREAKING NEWS – The OCR didn’t change

In typical tabloid fashion the media desperately try to make news out of anything that dri...

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Man keeping calm, not in panic


The media loves a sensational headline. And in true form it's gone to town on the recent m...

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New Zealand house and park

Latest on house prices

As we’ve been expecting for some time, house prices have softened and continue to soften....

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Person holding up sign with graphs and mindmaps

The innovation age

As we’ve noted for some time there are some big forces in play that are increasingly chang...

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Person holding a newspaper

The Geo-political zoo of 2017

The global economy is still in a muddle. So it’s difficult to get a clear gauge on what wi...

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2017 written with sparklers

January 2017 overview: Themes worth thinking about

It’s that time of the year. Media commentators are lining up to provide a “guess” (aka for...

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Drawn graph showing rates going up

Mortgage rate forecast for 2017

Banks are blaming higher mortgage rates on higher funding costs even with the OCR at histo...

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Focussing on the road ahead through a lens

What you want to know…

Squirrel ran a seminar recently called Managing Risk in an Uncertain Market, where JB and ...

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Looking at the Auckland city scape over the harbour

Why Auckland house prices aren’t 3 times income

Whilst I fully agree that house prices are over-inflated, I don’t think it’s to the extent...

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Arrow on road looking forward, JB video

Auckland housing market and market correction

Typical of our tabloid media we get the usual fear driven headlines designed to sell paper...

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Question mark written in chalk on a black board

4 predictions for NZ property in 2016

How are your foresight skills? While none of us have time travelled from the future and kn...

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Man floating in the sea at the beach

Is it time to be conservative?

I’ve been saying for some time that we are living in a period of unusually high economic r...

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Two men arm-wrestling

Is this the end of flat money?

Flat money is paper money that comes into existence by government law. It is not valued to...

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Earth as viewed from space

Global economic overview

I’ve literally just got back from a week of conferences in the United States....

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Hammer, nail, spanner

Property Investor | The downside of leverage

A few clients have rediscovered recently that it isn’t always easy to release equity when ...

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New Zealand currency

Why cash is still king 7 years after the GFC

In a world with easy credit and awash with cash, asset prices have markedly increased. Cap...

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Arrow signs pointing in opposite directions

Mortgage rate forecast - Why they will stay low

Whilst economists and most commentators are talking up rates I’m going to provide a differ...

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Road sign - change down

Money and investing - A bigger picture on property

A lot has been happening the past few weeks that has impacts for property and investors. T...

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Kid playing in the sand

Mortgage Rates: Let the summer craziness begin

It’s hard to write about mortgages every month and keep it interesting! This month has bee...

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Messy flat with plates and clothes everywhere

Our economic reality - Is there any order in chaos?

What is going on in the world at the moment is far more complex than a US budget deficit. ...

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Arrow signs pointing in opposite directions

Mortgage rate forecast: Can you hear the interest rate tom-toms?

I write this article a day after the consumer price index (CPI) inflation rate came out at...

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