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New Zealand house and park

Latest on house prices

As we’ve been expecting for some time, house prices have softened and continue to soften....

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Avondale villa

Hot tips to sell in a cooler market

Even at the best of times, selling a property brings a lot of uncertainty – so what’s it l...

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Chair and shelf in living room

Should you stage your home for sale? Not everyone thinks so

Staging: It's something of a divisive subject in the property world. Namely, should you do...

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Free fall ride

Adviser insight: Is Auckland going to go down?

After nearly five years here at Squirrel, mortgage adviser Lindsay Hill has a lot of exper...

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Piggy bank

Planning your mortgage pays off

What if you could pay off your mortgage in 15 years? It’s easier than you think....

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Two people across from each other at table negotiating

Negotiating the purchase price

It is a buyer’s market. What does that mean when it comes to negotiating the purchase pric...

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