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Interest rates

Rates going up

Should I fix now (even if I need to break my fixed mortgage)?

Some bank economists are talking of further rates cuts so there shouldn't be a rush to fix...

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Is this the end of flat money?

Flat money is paper money that comes into existence by government law. It is not valued to...

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Devonport, Auckland's North Shore

Auckland property and mortgage update

Mortgage interest rates are set to stay low for the foreseeable future but I think they ar...

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Close up of shoes, walking up stairs

Why I'd fix for 3 years

The Auckland housing market has predictably heated up again this year off the back of stro...

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Why Europe is driving down fixed mortgage rates

TSB grabbed headlines in February when it came out with a 10 year fixed rate of 5.89%....

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Mortgage rate forecast for 2015

The 'good news' is that mortgage rates will stay low....

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Big economic trends you need to be aware of in 2015

With incredibly loose monetary policy implemented around the world we are going through un...

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Looking over the harbour towards Auckland city

Will house prices increase in 2015?

In the Auckland region we have a shortage of properties for sale, high immigration, and mo...

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