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Interest rates

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Stretching yourself into a big mortgage

I share my view on stretching yourself into a big mortgage. Worth it or not?...

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NZ Mortgage Rate Forecast 2010

For the past 12 months mortgage rates have been at historic lows....

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How the market is mispricing mortgage rates

In previous posts we have shown you how to save tens of thousands in mortgage interest by ...

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Creating a "fixed for life" mortgage

Too many homeowners are preoccupied with mortgage rates when they should be focused on rep...

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Why short-term mortgage rates are best

The Reserve Bank has committed (as much as it can) to holding rates low for the foreseeabl...

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Is it worth breaking my fixed rate?

The fee is called a “mark-to-market” fee and is hidden in the small print of all bank mort...

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Don't panic about rates!

Stop, breathe deeply, think. If you haven't fixed yet ... don't panic....

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What rate is best? Post-OCR rate update

On March 12, the Reserve Bank decreased the official cash rate (OCR) by 0.50%, from 3.50% ...

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