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House interior, kitchen, living room

Housing developments bring first homes closer to reality

First-home buyers across the country will be feeling a sense of relief as recent mortgage ...

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Wallet being tightened by clamp

Tighter credit policy will drive the housing market in 2017

I am always frustrated by our media and how they report house prices. Tabloid rubbish boun...

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Houses on coins ratio

Debt to income ratios

There has been talk this week about debt-to-income ratios due to the Reserve Bank asking t...

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Builder with earphones, sawing

Your home and DIY: When is it time to call in the experts?

Some jobs are best done with the assistance of experts. Here's how you know it's time to g...

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Wooden toy house in front of coins

Changes to KiwiSaver

Finally, some good news for kiwis in the property market. The people have spoken and KiwiS...

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Wooden toy house, piles of coins

Changes to KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme

From 1 August 2016 there are a number of changes to the KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme aimed a...

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For rent sign

What you need to know about the new tenancy laws

There have been concerns that some New Zealand homes aren't quite up to scratch when it co...

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Paint brush painting a brown fence

Smart alternatives to glass balustrades

They've been banned in Australia for ten years, and it looks like the hammer is finally co...

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Burning wood in fireplace

How are you heating up your investment property?

If you're a property investor or thinking about making that leap, you'll need to know all ...

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Investors ride the regulation wave

When the RBNZ introduced the tighter LVR restrictions across Auckland in November last yea...

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Bird ornament reading up on law

Are there going to be changes to financial advice laws?

We're happy to admit it: financial advice can be pretty confusing....

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Chinese family outside home

Market insight: What's happening with Chinese investors?

In the last year there's been so much talk about foreign investors, both good and bad, tru...

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Man installing insulation

What's changing for New Zealand landlords?

Being a landlord means taking on a certain set of responsibilities. The NZ government just...

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Business man sleeping on his desk

Rushed Auckland 70% LVR policy - who pays?

The Reserve Bank’s new 70% LVR policy feels like a headless chicken moment....

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Family home living room

The buying choice - existing family home or do-up?

As a buyer you have to ask yourself to what extent your head rules your heart or whether y...

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Computer mouse on a stack of papers

RBNZ LVR Limits | Market implications

The RBNZ has introduced a number of prudential tools designed to take the heat out of the ...

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Key in lock at open home

Implications of the new Real Estate Agents Act

The new Real Estate Agents Act came into force in late 2009. It has been introduced to lif...

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