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Property market

The importance of liquidity in the housing market

The importance of liquidity in the housing market

Property isn’t as liquid as you might think. Just try selling an investment apartment in t...

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Take control of your retirement age

There are two significant decisions that you can make right now which will change the qual...

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Looking down at Auckland central

What to make of a softening Auckland housing market

January housing statistics were bleak, and Barfoot & Thompson’s results from February are ...

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Housing developments bring first homes closer to reality

First-home buyers across the country will be feeling a sense of relief as recent mortgage ...

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Keeping up with Auckland: Will prices continue to soften?

In the ever changing Auckland housing market, the latest evidence is showing that the mark...

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Auckland Harbour bridge

First home buyers shouldn't be put off by Auckland market

Are you a first-home buyer in Auckland looking for property, but don't know where to start...

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Focussing on the road ahead through a lens

What you want to know…

Squirrel ran a seminar recently called Managing Risk in an Uncertain Market, where JB and ...

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Is the tide turning for first home buyers in Auckland?

According to's report for September, first home buyers in Auckland are star...

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Construction worker on site

Is Auckland entering a construction boom?

With the new Auckland Unitary Plan now officially passed, people predict that the City of ...

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Advisor insight: Hunting the hotspots

Where will the next big growth suburb be? This kind of knowledge is the Holy Grail for the...

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Property listings wake up from holiday slumber

The New Zealand real estate market can be a bit sluggish to take off after the summer holi...

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How do unitary plan changes impact property investment?

While nothing is finalised yet, the Auckland Council has made some significant changes to ...

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4 predictions for NZ property in 2016

How are your foresight skills? While none of us have time travelled from the future and kn...

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Market insight: What's happening with Chinese investors?

In the last year there's been so much talk about foreign investors, both good and bad, tru...

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View from the regions – desperate times

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Auckland’s property market has been on a strong price g...

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Free fall ride

Adviser insight: Is Auckland going to go down?

After nearly five years here at Squirrel, mortgage adviser Lindsay Hill has a lot of exper...

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Guy sitting on haybails

Auckland temporarily a buyer’s market

We tend to get a feel for what is happening in the market well before the media and have b...

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Devonport, Auckland's North Shore

Auckland property and mortgage update

Mortgage interest rates are set to stay low for the foreseeable future but I think they ar...

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Big economic trends you need to be aware of in 2015

With incredibly loose monetary policy implemented around the world we are going through un...

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Looking over the harbour towards Auckland city

Will house prices increase in 2015?

In the Auckland region we have a shortage of properties for sale, high immigration, and mo...

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Tiny wooden house in a forest

Keep an open mind when searching for property

The property searching process has often been likened to a filter funnel. In some ways no ...

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