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Squirrel Money

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Making sense of the mortgage landscape

There’s no doubt about it – the mortgage landscape has changed. Credit markets are tighten...

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The innovation age

As we’ve noted for some time there are some big forces in play that are increasingly chang...

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Banking on margins

The reality is that the industry is looking to mortgage margins to restore profitability f...

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How to lift yield on your rental property

With the Reserve Bank LVR changes (and generally below par rental yields) now is the time ...

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Peer to peer lending - starting up

We have just launched Squirrel Money which is a new peer-to-peer lending platform. It's ea...

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Do you want a genuine 8.00% p.a. return on your money?

With interest rates (and rental yields) trending ever lower the opportunity to get a retur...

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Squirrel Money gets peer-to-peer license

After almost a year of IT development and scurrying about Squirrel Money has been licensed...

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