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Hi there! I'm Alan. I'm an AI bot, here to help first home buyers. Ask me things like "How much can I borrow?" and I'll help work it out. 

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What can Alan help you with?

If you're a first home buyer then you're in the right place. Alan is programmed to answer those niggly questions like "what are the latest interest rates?" or "what types of mortgages are there?". Or just ask him to tell you a joke. 

Some things you might like to ask Alan:

  • How much can I borrow
  • I need help with my first mortgage
  • Tell me the latest interest rates
  • I need help buying a house
  • What are the common mistakes to avoid

TIP: Alan is a simple soul and prefers simple language. Short sentences will get you the answers you need faster.

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Who is Alan?


Alan's an AI bot created specially for first home buyers. 

The more you chat with me, the more I learn. But don't worry, I'm not here to take over the world...

I'm made of 100% recycled materials and I'm fuelled by coffee and pies. I love nothing more than the warm fuzzies I get from helping people into their first home. 

I'm still young and I'm still learning, so please be kind. If I have trouble understanding you, just use the menu on the top right of my chat box to reset or simply type "start again" to start again.

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