Get onto it with a Personal Loan

What do you want to achieve?

Borrow up to $20k to achieve things like dream weddings, holidays, new laptops, education, or new grills for your teeth if that's your thing. We won’t judge.

Whatever dream you’re chasing, we can help you get there.

Apply for a Personal Loan
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Applying is fast, secure and easy

Thanks to the magic of technology, you can apply for a loan from the couch in your jim jams or your desk while the boss isn’t looking. It only takes a few minutes.

Want an idea of your repayments before applying? Work them out with our our handy calculator below.

What will your personal loan repayments be?

Work out your regular repayments and how quickly you could pay off your personal loan.

Amount I want to borrow (minimum $1,000)
maximum amount is $ for this borrower grade
With repayments to be over
How good are you with money?

Our interest rates

Risk Grade A B C D E
2 - 3 years 8.95% p.a. 11.45% p.a. 12.95% p.a. 15.95% p.a. 17.95% p.a.

Example: A borrowed amount of $10,000 over 2 years would result in repayments of $468 per month at 8.95% p.a. based on our highest A Grade risk grading. This monthly repayment includes a $250 Establishment fee. Affordability and credit criteria apply. Maximum borrowing amount reduces based on risk grade. 

Applying is fast, secure and 100% online. It doesn't get much easier.

Flexibility and choice

Apply for up to $20,000 over a term of up to 3 years. You can choose whether your payments come out fortnightly or monthly and from what day they start.

No early repayment fees

We encourage getting on top of your payments when it suits you, so we won't penalize you for paying the loan back early.

Easy, online process

No need for meetings and paperwork. Apply and manage your loan entirely online. Just make sure you've got your NZ Driver’s license or NZ Passport handy.

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Why choose a Squirrel Personal Loan?

Whether you're going on an adventure or making an exciting purchase, a Squirrel Personal Loan can help you get it sorted.

  • Borrow up to $20,000 for things like an engagement ring, education, a new computer or an exotic holiday.
  • No need to use your house or car as security.
  • Applying is quick and easy and done entirely online. 

 So if you’ve got stuff to do, places to go, things to make, people to see, just… get onto it.

Is a Squirrel Personal Loan right for you?

We're not the right lender for everyone. Our focus is on high quality borrowers who pass the following creditworthy checks with flying colours.

  • Credit history
  • Employment history
  • Repayment capacity
  • Bank account conduct
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