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14 November 2018

The 'hack' that could save young homeowners thousands

Feel like you’re missing out on a good mortgage rate? If you only recently bought your first home, you’re not alone.

14 November 2018

Act now on 3.95% mortgage rate specials | why they won’t last

Most media commentators are hooked on the new ‘rate war’, and the question being asked is if this is the new ‘norm.’ It isn’t, and more than that, you could easily miss out if you procrastinate.

01 November 2018

The 12 month rate fix (part 2)

12 Month interest rates are at all time lows for New Zealand, however it may not be prudent to fix over that term. In part 1 we covered the OCR, inflation the connection between inflation and interest rates. Let's now talk about forward interest rates and current inflationary drivers in NZ.

17 October 2018

What is a mortgage cash back?

It's become common practice in NZ for banks to offer cash backs with new mortgages, whether that's a refinance or a new purchase. One of the advantages of using a mortgage broker is they can help maximise your cash back.

10 October 2018

The 12 month rate fix (part 1)

12 Month interest rates are particularly appealing at the moment. Kiwibank has most recently offered a 12-month fixed rate sub 4% and many banks are moving in the same direction. This is fantastic for the next 12 months, however it pays to think about what you are going to do post the expiry of this rate.

03 October 2018

No more first tier asset lenders

A common misconception with borrowers, brokers and buyers is that the most important thing is how much deposit or equity you have. Whilst important, changes to lending standards have changed the focus over the past 12 months.

01 August 2018

50 reasons to use a Mortgage Broker

One of the questions you might have if considering a mortgage broker for the first time is, why use a mortgage broker versus going to the bank direct? Or, what is the difference between a mortgage broker and a mobile mortgage manager? It’s hard to sum-up what we do in a couple of sentences, so here goes my 50 reasons why to use a mortgage broker and Squirrel in particular.

10 July 2018

Top 5 first home buyer tips

Starting a new role at a new company is always an exciting time. For me, leading up to my start date here at Squirrel, it also gave me an opportunity to sit back and reflect just a little.

05 July 2018

What does a mortgage broker do?

Buying property is one of the biggest financial decisions most people will ever make. Trusting us with the decisions that come with it is an honour we don't take lightly. In a nutshell, this is what is a Squirrel mortgage broker pledges to do for all clients. Written by Chief Squirrel, John Bolton.

11 May 2018

What's happening with commercial lending?

Squirrel is often talking about tight credit conditions in terms of residential property, but what’s happening in the commercial space?....

19 January 2018

What happens with your mortgage when you move house?

There are a few different ways your mortgage can work with in your move, as JB explains.

29 November 2017

Good news: lending rules are loosening

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced this morning that they’re loosening their lending rules. This is good news especially for first home buyers.