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Top 5 first home buyer tips

Starting a new role at a new company is always an exciting time. For me, leading up to my start date here at Squirrel, it also gave me an opportunity to sit back and reflect just a little.

Housing Market

The Preest Journal: Wet Paint

We've been following our clients Alisha & Dom as they start the journey of doing up their first home. In this post Alisha shares the experience of what it's really like redoing the walls of the lounge.

Personal loans

KiwiSaver tip for first home buyers

Chances are, when you signed up for KiwiSaver some 10 years ago (or less) if you were young, then you put it in an aggressive fund and have hopefully reaped the rewards of that.

Housing Market

The Preest Journal: Much ado about paint

In the third instalment of first home buyers Alisha & Dom's journey, they're pulling out the paint brushes and test pots.

Housing Market

The Preest Journal: let the renovations begin

In part 2 of this mini-series, the Preests pick apart their new home, and decide on how to tackle the quirks, starting with the ugliest vanity known to man.

Housing Market

The Preest Journal: buying our first home

In a world of articles about young couples buying their first home 'on their own' but with a gifted deposit, it's nice to hear a success story with a touch of reality. Where hard work paid off, and avocados weren't given up, and a house was purchased.

Housing Market

Goals – A new home in 2018

Are you eyeing up a new home this year? Here’s what’s on the cards for 2018.

Lifestyle and Technology

The making of Alan

Creating the first AI bot for first home buyers wasn't easy. There were some serious bloopers along the way.

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What do I need to know about interest-only loans?

With so many people choosing to go interest-only, you might be asking yourself why it's proving so popular. Here's what you need to know about this method of financing: both the pros, and the cons.

Housing Market

Is it time to get out of Auckland?

Auckland has been the go-to place for everyone from first home buyers to investors.

Housing Market

Are we doing enough to improve housing supply?

Investors and first home buyers alike are feeling the price pressure, as the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand presents us with the fact that median house price records all over the country have been smashed.

Housing Market

Adviser insight: Is Auckland going to go down?

After nearly five years here at Squirrel, mortgage adviser Lindsay Hill has a lot of experience getting people to where they need to be in the property market.