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Housing Market

Squirrel HomeBuild – The Smart Way to Build

As New Zealand’s leading mortgage broker, Squirrel has engineered a new financial product called Squirrel HomeBuild that makes building a new home simpler, and without the traditional hassles associated with building.

Housing Market

What’s happening with interest rates?

I get asked daily what’s happening with interest rates. To answer this question, it’s useful to first define what may affect interest rates. The major influence on interest rates is inflation. As inflation rises, interest rates rise to curb inflation (spending). As inflation falls, interest rates fall to spur spending and economic growth.

Housing Market

Christchurch – a new lease on life

So often I talk about investment from an Auckland perspective because that’s where I’m based and that’s where I’m most familiar. However, I’m lucky enough to have some strong working relationships across the country - in particular Christchurch. So here’s a slightly different perspective for a change.

Housing Market

General Market Update

We’re nearing the mid-point of 2018 and things seem to be simmering away without any obvious signs of changing.

Housing Market

Is Auckland good value?

We ran a seminar recently where we were lucky enough to hear from the design champion for Auckland and that led me to thinking: if Auckland was a company, would I buy it?

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KiwiSaver tip for first home buyers

Chances are, when you signed up for KiwiSaver some 10 years ago (or less) if you were young, then you put it in an aggressive fund and have hopefully reaped the rewards of that.

Housing Market

Opportunity is knocking

Where we are seeing a significant drop (of between 10%-20%) is in the new build market and particularly land prices.

Housing Market

Is confidence returning to the market?

Confidence fell out of the market last year but appears to be coming back and here's why.

Housing Market

New year, but more of the same?

The new year is almost upon us and with it comes the usual new year’s resolutions which may or may not end up becoming reality.

Housing Market

Return to the status quo?

With the election almost over, warmer weather and spring home loan campaigns in full swing, there appears to be some life coming back in the market.

Housing Market

The changes keep coming

Without a doubt, these are some of the hardest lending conditions we’ve faced in a long time.

Housing Market

It’s not all bad news

If you’re an investor you should know the reserve bank rules inside and out by now. Your ability to grow successfully depends on it in a market like this.