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Housing Market

The First Home Loan, and how to get one

There’s been a lot written about the 'First Home Loan’ programme in the press recently, particularly around changes to the deposit requirements. We thought it would be a good time to cut through some of the noise around these loans and explain what it means for your average first home buyer.

Housing Market

KiwiBuild: what does it mean for first home buyers?

For those of you who have read my recent article Top 5 first home buyer tips, you may remember me talking about the opportunities that have presented themselves over the last year or so to potential first home buyers. Where there’s a will there’s a way, as they say, and that certainly seems to be the case with the current New Zealand property market.

Housing Market

Top 5 first home buyer tips

Starting a new role at a new company is always an exciting time. For me, leading up to my start date here at Squirrel, it also gave me an opportunity to sit back and reflect just a little.