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Squirrel welcomes more bank options and 100% build finance

Squirrel has access to more lenders than any other broker and the only 100% build finance product for builders in New Zealand.

Housing Market

Housing developments bring first homes closer to reality

First-home buyers across the country will be feeling a sense of relief as recent mortgage lending figures solidify.

Housing Market

Is Auckland entering a construction boom?

With the new Auckland Unitary Plan now officially passed, people predict that the City of Sails will see a huge increase in construction activity over the next 25 years.

Housing Market

Time for some joint ventures

With the prices continually on the rise and banks tightening lending criteria, joint ventures are now becoming a common scenario.

Housing Market

New build vs second hand?

“Second hand” properties are continuing to rise in value and of course the 30% deposits required to get funding are growing and getting harder to put together… So what other options are there?

Housing Market

Getting your investment structure right

I have been approached by a number of existing ‘buy and hold’ investors wanting to change their strategy. They want to start trading and developing property. But, they have no idea where to begin.

Housing Market

Property development - when things don’t go to plan

Here I am almost three and a half years into my first decent size property development. Although the end is in sight, it has been painfully slow, like watching paint dry.

Housing Market

House prices and poor productivity

Over the past two and half years I’ve dabbled in property development, and are in the process of building 35 houses in Avondale. The end result will be 35 finished houses (of which 90% have been pre-sold) in April 2015.

Housing Market

New property exempt from RBNZ LVR rules

The Reserve Bank announced today that new builds will be exempt from the recent LVR restrictions.

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Buying apartments in NZ off plan

With the “property shortage” in Auckland there has been a spike in apartment development and selling off plan.

Housing Market

The buying choice - existing family home or do-up?

As a buyer you have to ask yourself to what extent your head rules your heart or whether your heart rules your head.

Housing Market

Land speculation and "Pass the Parcel"

We've all read or heard that houses are overvalued and that we are not building enough houses. Often the focus is on the cost of building and the amount of bureaucracy. I think the issue is simpler and more fundamental than that.