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20 January 2022

Are we already in a credit crunch?

Lenders to consumers are having to take into account all potential changes in an applicant’s income and that is hitting people intending to take maternity/paternity leave along with those approaching retirement.

14 September 2020

Professional property investing when a home loan is no longer a home loan

As a general rule of thumb, any property investor who has at least six rental properties is viewed as a "professional" property investor through the eyes of the bank. And the way these investors are treated by the banks is markedly different to someone whose main income is not from property.

20 May 2019

Looking after your Credit Score

Credit bureaus in NZ are now looking at monthly account behaviour for all lending products as well as account behaviour for a number of utility bills. Basically, if you miss a payment, everyone will know about it. Here's everything you need to know.

12 April 2017

Credit policy continues to tighten

Right now, being a bank customer without using an advisor must be a nightmare.

18 January 2017

Tighter credit policy will drive the housing market in 2017

I am always frustrated by our media and how they report house prices. Tabloid rubbish bouncing from headline to headline with no substance.

13 October 2016

Will the RBNZ inadvertently create a Minsky moment?

Commentators continue to talk up the property market and increasing prices almost at the chagrin of the RBNZ.

05 February 2016

What's your first home buying resolution?

Going to the gym. Saving an extra $20 every week. We all have different ideas for our resolutions in the new year, but what about those buying their first home?

10 November 2015

Auckland temporarily a buyer’s market

We tend to get a feel for what is happening in the market well before the media and have been calling this a buyer’s market for 3-4 months now. The media is slowly catching up.

01 October 2013

Over 80% options

The Reserve Bank doesn't want you eating the cupcake, so they are putting first homebuyers on a housing diet.

16 June 2013

Money and investing - A bigger picture on property

A lot has been happening the past few weeks that has impacts for property and investors. There is so much going on, it is hard to bridge the gap between macro and micro factors affecting property.

20 November 2011

Property investing: Is big better?

Is big better? The way banks respond to larger investors, you’d think probably not.

08 June 2010

NZ Property | Where to for house prices?

Will property prices fall in New Zealand? Is now a good time to buy? Is property a good investment and where should I buy? My overarching view of property is that it is a great investment because of long-term population growth, desirability and scarcity.