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14 June 2022

The dangers property investors face by having all their eggs in one basket

For those who have strayed down the treacherous path of having all your loans with one bank, the consequences have started to bite.

22 April 2022

Are new builds still a good investment in the changing market?

New builds can be a great option for investors and first home buyers alike - and if you’re considering buying off plan, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you buy well.

02 February 2022

Credit crunch headwinds are blowing, and it could spell trouble for property investors

Caution is advised for property investors, as New Zealand starts to feel the impact of recent legislative and bank policy changes.

07 October 2021

A different truth about house prices

I love property. Early last year I wrote that I thought we were going into the last great property boom based on ultra-low interest rates and the increasing importance of having a home in the post COVID world.

17 August 2021

The development opportunity in terraced housing

The changing nature of the housing market has seen a rapid increase in the amount of terraced housing under development. Even experienced developers like terraced housing.

07 July 2021

No large wave of investors selling

Almost three and a half months have now passed since the March 23 announcement of some radical changes in tax rules for investors in residential property. The expectation has been that investors will sell up in disgust, but there's no statistical evidence of a flood of properties hitting the market.

29 June 2021

Property Investors are still hanging in there

I continue to hear stories about investors selling off their properties in disgust at the government’s proposed tax changes. But are investors about to bail out of the market?

06 April 2021

Developers, drug dealers and money

Investing money with property developers is risky. In this post we talk about how risky it is and ask how it can even happen.

01 April 2021

Rule changes and house prices - what's going to happen?

On March 23 the government surprised everyone with some draconian changes in the ability of property investors to deduct interest expenses when calculating their tax obligations. Will we really see big changes which could stop house prices rising for an extended period as the government would like? No.

30 March 2021

House price stability and interest rates

In this article I’m focusing on the idea of debt-to-income ratios. It is likely that they will be a key tool used by the Reserve Bank to meet its new house price stability objective.

25 March 2021

Podcast: What does the Government's announcement mean for first home buyers?

Newsroom’s Alexia Russell sat down with Chief Squirrel JB to chat about what the Government's recent announcement means for first home buyers. Does it remove the stumbling blocks, or is it still hard as ever for young Kiwis to get onto the property ladder? Are there going to be any unintentional consequences?

19 February 2021

40% deposits and a slight slowing in rising house prices

The last time 40% deposits for investors were introduced, Auckland house prices had been soaring for four years. This time, we're only a year into the current frenzied house price cycle, and interest rates are much lower than they were. So how much impact will reintroducing the rule have?