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Housing Market

Rising mortgage rates will eventually dominate FOMO

With investors backing off it is understandable that the pace of increase in house prices has slowed down. In the six months to September 2020, average house prices around New Zealand rose by just 4%, including a 3% fall over the April-May months.

Housing Market

Why soaring house prices should slow down in 2021

Economy expert Tony Alexander discusses the latest results from his surveys of mortgage advisers and real estate agents, plus how a change in LVR restrictions will affect New Zealand's housing market.

Housing Market

How to manage 60% - 70% LVR restrictions for property investors

In March the Reserve Bank will reimplement LVR (loan-to-value ratio) restrictions on property investors. This will mean lending for investment properties will be required to have a 70% or possibly 60% loan-to-value ratio.

Housing Market

The return of LVR restrictions

Banks were actually already lobbying the Reserve Bank to reinstate LVRs because of their concern about the speed with which house prices were rising and the frenzied level of market activity.

Financial planning

An update on our Investor platform - November 2020

There’s been a lot happening here at the Squirrel garage and lots of movement in the financial world, so here’s an update on quite a few things.

Housing Market

House price boom turns to construction boom

Growing house construction is a substantial boom for the economy through extra business for materials manufacturers and distributors, architects, inspectors and so on.

Housing Market

New year, but more of the same?

The new year is almost upon us and with it comes the usual new year’s resolutions which may or may not end up becoming reality.