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31 May 2022

Investing and inflation: When being “conservative” doesn’t pay

After many years in a KiwiSaver Growth Fund, I switched to a Conservative Fund a couple of years ago. It felt like a smart move at the time, but man, hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

29 March 2022

Squirrel rate increase delivers even higher returns for investors

We come bearing good news, investors! As of the 21st March 2022, the rate of return across two of our Investment Classes – Home Loans and Construction Loans – has increased by 0.25%.

23 November 2021

Introducing The Squirrel Monthly Income Fund

The Squirrel Monthly Income Fund is a new way to invest in Squirrel loans, on top of our existing peer-to-peer investments. For those that prefer a more hands-off approach, with the Managed Fund we manage the investment while you watch the returns come through.