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21 March 2024

Market update: Economic pain will be borrowers’ gain (eventually)

New Zealand economic data has painted a pretty sorry picture in recent months. But bad news for the economy will eventually be good news for Kiwi mortgage borrowers when it comes to the future of interest rates.

19 March 2024

What are DTIs?

Later this year, a new set of lending restrictions - DTIs - will come into effect in New Zealand, setting rules for how much people can borrow to buy a home based on a multiple of their income. Here's what you need to know.

08 March 2024

Our top tips that could save you thousands on your mortgage

Over the life of your mortgage, you'll fork out at tens - probably hundreds - of thousands in interest payments. But there are tricks to help you get your home loan paid off faster, and save a packet.

14 June 2023

Calling all HSBC customers: Home loan now homeless?

Squirrel is offering a free* refinancing service for HSBC customers impacted by the bank's plan to exit the New Zealand retail banking market.

26 May 2023

RBNZ signals that the OCR has finally peaked. How will this affect the housing market?

The Reserve Bank have said that 5.50% is still as high as they think they will need to take the cash rate. So does that mean the housing market now suddenly picks up strongly straight away? Or will it sit flat for perhaps three years as a lot of people optimistically believe?

24 May 2023

OCR analysis: Finally, we've hit the peak

The Reserve Bank has today pushed through a 0.25% increase to take us from 5.25%, up to its peak forecasted OCR of 5.50% - while also making it clear we've hit peak rates for this economic cycle.

19 May 2023

New Zealand's housing market is edging closer to the turning point

Buyers have been waiting for two years now for prices to look more reasonable. With a record turnaround in net migration inflows to New Zealand, falling house prices, and high job security, is the market getting set for a better Spring?

04 May 2023

Job done: Why the monetary policy tightening cycle is over

We’re only 0.25% off the Reserve Bank’s (RBNZ’s) forecasted peak OCR – so will Kiwis be hit by other OCR hike, or have interest rates in New Zealand already peaked for this economic cycle?

19 April 2022

The Big Move: Getting set for a mortgage in New Zealand after living overseas

With borders officially reopening, many Kiwi expats are planning a move home once more. Here's everything you need to know about getting a mortgage in New Zealand after living overseas.

04 February 2022

Chin up: Why tighter LVR restrictions aren't the end of the world for first home buyers

Tighter LVR restrictions might feel like the end of the world for first home buyers right now, but the good news is these measures are only ever temporary. Here are our tips to give you the best chance of success under current conditions.

20 December 2021

What happens to your mortgage in a divorce?

If you're going through a divorce, you probably have a whole lot of questions about navigating changes to your mortgage, and where to next. We’ve got you covered.

16 August 2021

5% deposit mortgage product changes lives of scores of first home buyers

Launchpad, our unique home loan for first home buyers has already helped scores of people onto the property ladder just three months after it was launched and we expect it to help tons more.