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25 October 2023

Market update: Out with the red, in with the blue – but election result carries no silver bullet

For many Kiwi voters, National's win in the recent election probably didn’t come as too much of a surprise — and you can bet that National’s focus, especially over the next 12 months, will be on driving through policies that are designed to bolster the New Zealand economy. So what will this all mean for homeowners and borrowers?

24 October 2023

National is back in the game — but are property investors?

With National back in government, we can anticipate the return of interest expense deductibility and no-fault tenancy terminations. But will this also bring a surge of property investors with them, and if so, what will this mean for first home buyers?

16 August 2023

Economic weakness isn't stopping the housing market upturn

The coming weakness in our economy would imply at a minimum no recovery in the housing market and maybe a continuation of the weakness since late-2021. But there are many other factors in play — so will the recently developed upward momentum continue into 2024?

02 February 2023

Reflections on the housing market: 2009 to today

Every now and then it is a good idea to sit back and remind ourselves of the big picture and how we got to where we are at the moment. For the NZ housing market, the story is this.

19 December 2022

Market update: Even with recession on the horizon, it's not all bad news

It's pretty scary out there right now - but despite appearances, the foundations are already being laid for the housing market's recovery.

04 August 2022

Three big factors behind softening house prices set to ease by the end of this year

I’ve just released the results of my latest survey and the numbers are not much changed from where they were at the end of June. Buyers remain in the shadows and prices are falling all around the country.

15 July 2022

Kāinga Ora & CCCFA: What the latest changes mean for first home buyers

The long-awaited return of choice to the housing market isn’t the only good news for first home buyers to be feeling positive about right now - changes to Kāinga Ora First Home schemes and CCCFA legislation add to the good news.

20 May 2022

Budget 2022 brings welcome support for first home buyers

This week's Budget announcement has brought good news for first home buyers, with the Government unveiling a number of changes to unlock additional support.

11 March 2022

Cheers to that! CCCFA review brings much-needed (and hard fought) change

It's been a nerve-wracking wait on findings of the Government's review into crippling CCCFA law changes - but the announcement brings good news for the Kiwi borrowers, and the industry.

10 March 2022

How to get yourself (and your finances) ready for a home loan

When it comes to your home loan application, getting your finances in tip-top shape will always be an important part of setting yourself up for success. And these tips are a great starting point.

02 February 2022

Credit crunch headwinds are blowing, and it could spell trouble for property investors

Caution is advised for property investors, as New Zealand starts to feel the impact of recent legislative and bank policy changes.

20 January 2022

Are we already in a credit crunch?

Lenders to consumers are having to take into account all potential changes in an applicant’s income and that is hitting people intending to take maternity/paternity leave along with those approaching retirement.